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Holistic Approach

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I know that everyone is searching for "The Plan" to make them feel and look better, and everyday there is a new super-food, a new diet, a new magical supplement. Also more often than we should, we give priority to looking good, rather than feeling good and being healthy.

I do not believe in restrictions nor diets, but in moderation, eating real food that is right for each individual, and hard work.

I aim to educate people on how to make smart choices, how to prepare real food that taste and look amazing, and most importantly that changing one’s lifestyle is a slow process and everyone will have good and bad days, and that is okay. 

An an ayurvedic wellness CONSULTANT and an ISSA certified Nutritionist, i bring both my educational backgrounds (the traditional ayurvedic teaching and modern nutrition) to guide each client in discovering a healthier lifestyle, that is PRACTICAL and REALISTIC for them.

I have worked with people wanting to lose/gain weight, emotional eaters, to people with autoimmune or other ailments.

What makes me happy is seeing people happy with themselves, and that usually starts with feeling and looking good.


about me...

besides being an Ayurvedic consultant, I am a also a full time artist, a perpetual beach-bum and wanderer,

my eating lifestyle, well i eat for my Vata dosha, which means i am roughly 96% plant-based (with 4% occasional goat dairy,) and i eat tons of good fat and carbohydrates to make my cold and dry vata warm and stable.

But if and when i have a craving for desserts, or anything else, i will feed my craving, i mean if i want a big piece of passion fruit cheesecake, or a really good crème brûlée, then I'M going to eat the real thing (no dairy/gluten free)

On a personal note, I have a very hypersensitive IBS, and my treatments are fully based on nutrition and exercise.  I am a strong believer in the concept that food is medicine, in food combining, and eating the right food for your body energy (Dosha) and lifestyle. Almost any type of illness/syndrome can be prevented and treated through proper nutrition and lifestyle.