Almond Milk

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I started making my own Almond milk a few years ago, because most of the brands out there have way too many things in their nut milk besides, well nuts.  

I tried out all the different variations, dry roasting them not roasting them, adding salt or lemon not adding them, adding honey, vanilla, agave, or dates and not adding them. 

So the recipe below is what I found worked the best in terms of texture, taste, and amount of work.

For me nut milk should taste like the nut, it should not taste like a million different ingredients.

This recipe will work with all different types of Nut milk, just change the Almonds for the nuts you want.

What you need:

  • Raw Almonds (I normally use 2 cups, you can use more depending on how much you need)

  • Filtered Water

  • 2 Medjool dates

  • Airtight container (preferably a glass one, a whole other article about not using plastic)

  • Nut-Milk bag or Pantyhose (cut from the knee)

  • Blender

1)      Before beginning always taste your almond to make sure it tastes fresh, because nothing is worse than bad almond.

2)      Place your almonds and dates in the airtight container, add filtered water until all the almonds are covered.  Refrigerate for 24 hours, I normally do this for a bit longer about 48 hours, so that the skin will come off easier.

·       The dates will make the water naturally sweet and hence our almonds.


3)      After the proper time has passed, peel the almonds.  The peeling process should be easy, and by just rubbing them between your index finger and thumb the skin should come off (normally if you have used bad almonds the peeling will take longer).


4) Using a 1:3 ratio of Almonds to Water (1 cup almond/3 cups water), place your blanched almonds in your blender, add Fresh Filtered Water, and blend until smooth.

·       Regarding the ratio: you can also do a 1:4 ratio, this will make the nut milk more watery, and the almond taste will not be as strong, but you will have more milk.  It is up to you, I love the flavor of almond so I always use 1:3 ratio

·       Because in this recipe we are using blanched almonds (no skin), the blended mixture will be fairly smooth. Also because we have taken the skin off you do not need to dry roast them like all the other recipes.

·       Also you can add the two dates for an extra sweetness, I myself normally blend one of the dates (just remember to take the seed out)


5) Now we strain the Almond Milk, you can use a nut-milk bag, but I always use regular nylon pantyhose that I have cut from the knee to make it easier to handle.

·       If you like your milk with a little texture you can skip this step, but I do recommend it.


6)    Pour into a lidded glass jar, and keep it chill in your fridge.   

Remember to shake the Almond Milk well each time you use it, and it will be good for about five days, if you can keep it for that long because it is so delicious and refreshing.

By the way the entire Peeling, Blending, and Straining process normally takes roughly 30 minutes.

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