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sarrah zadeh


I make guacamole on weekly bases, because it is very delicious, healthy, quick & easy to make.  You can have it as a mini meal (snack) or a side dish. 

   what you need:

-          Avocado

-          Tomato, Diced

-          Onion (optional), diced

-          Jalapeño (Optional)

-          Fresh Lime (for the juice)

-          Cilantro Chopped

-          Red Bell Pepper

-          Salt & Pepper

-          Olive Oil, or Avocado Oil

1)      Cut the Avocado in half and spoon out the meat.

2)      Keep the skins, they make fun serving dishes for the Guacamole

3)      Add All the ingredients, and mix

-          You do not need to add the bell pepper; I sometimes do to give it an extra crunch and flavor.

4)      Spoon it into the Avocado Bowls (the skin) and viola


You can:

-          Spoon it on a Romaine Lettuce and make it into a veg taco

-          Eat it with Baked Plantain Chips or Sweet Potato Chips

-          Spopon it on top of your animal protein (chicken, fish, ….)

-          or enjoy it by itself

Total Calories:  350(roughly)