How to poop!!!

Are we pooping correctly? 

    My early childhood was spent in Tehran, where our high-rise apartment had two bathrooms, one was the traditional ‘western’ toilet, and the other was what we called “Persian” style.  You may be asking what this Persian style was.


     In our place it was a very fancy ceramic toilet on the bathroom floor, with its own fancy little flush, and all this fanciness surrounded a small hole where one squatted and did their private business. 

     As many of you might have seen or read, these types of bathrooms are used all over the eastern world, I mean the western toilet is fairly a new invention when talking about the human history. 

potty 3.jpg

     You may be thinking that the other half of the world uses these Squat toilets because they are more practical and economical, and although both of those are valid points, the actual reason is for their health benefits.

     Squatting is the natural and correct posture for our bodies to be when having a bowel movement (same goes for child birth, but this is another topic and article).

      This is because when we sit on the toilet, with our legs bent at a 90 degrees angle, an upward pressure is placed on our rectum, causing it to become partially blocked.  Because of this blockage, we are not able to fully empty waste from our system, and this will lead to many problems such as: 

   - Constipation

   - Hemorrhoids

   - Colon  Disease

   - IBS (and  much                  more) 

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So how can we fix this little dilemma? 

     The best angle for our legs to be is at 35 degrees, and there are many Squatty toilets out in the market that offer a solution to the sitting posture.  But you can save yourself the money and time, and use a small basket or stool


If you are a parent you can also use your child's potty or their Step Stool (I use my daughter's stepping stool). 

     What I have found works best is a small stool or a basket. 


poop 4.jpg

If you are going to spend some cash to purchase a squatting stools, these RELAXX Toilet Stools are my favorite, you can get them on amazon


I know this is not the most comfortable topic to talk about, however I also know how incredibly important it is for our health.  

I really do hope this little read was helpful for you all, don't forget to squat :)

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In case if anyone was wondering where to get this stepping stool