why we should eat our food, not drink them


I know in the past few years juicing has gained tremendous amount of popularity, and so has smoothies, and smoothie “bowls”.

I mean they are so colorful and beautiful, and made with fruits, vegetables, and other super healthy stuff, so they must be really good for us. 

They are also incredibly fast and easy to make and we can eat it on the go.

I get it and I understand many of us simply do not have time to just eat all our daily greens, and I know I will get some backlash from all my juice/smoothie lovers, however drinking our food is not all that is hyped out to be.   

 Digestion begins in the mouth with the chewing process, the production of saliva, and its enzyme, amylase.  When we drink our food we do not allow for the natural digestive process to take place, and for amylase to do its work, and thus nutrients enter our body too fast.  This is especially important with our fruit juices, when a lot of fructose enters our body too quickly, and rapidly raising our glycemic index.

Also with juicing we are consuming too many calories and sugar, why you ask?

Do you know how many oranges or apples are needed to make one glass of juice? When I make my daughter’s orange juice, with two oranges I get HALF of a glass.


So all these beautiful pictures we see on social media, and all the recipes out there, they are using 2 or 3 bananas, 3 or 4 oranges, or some even with 1/2 cup of peanut butter.  All of this is a lot of calories.


Loss of nutrients, particularly fiber, is another reason why I am not a big supporter of juicing. During the juicing process we lose lot of these nutrients, for example the skin and stems, which have all the fibers.  Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to getting all the benefits of our fruits and vegetables from juicing is the type of machine we use.  A high speed centrifuge juicer, with its high heat will kill most of the nutrients.  To juice properly you need to use a slow cold-press juicer/blender so that all the vitamins and the good stuff is not destroyed.

Another thing that I have noticed in majority of clients and generally for most of us our there is that eating is such a visual process as well.  Sometimes we feel full based on what we saw that we consumed.  Therefore if we were to drink a true size serving of a juice, most often a large shot glass or a coffee cup, we would feel as if we did not drink anything at all. 

All of these gorgeous and delicious pictures of juices and smoothies we see out there are not composed of just one serving; they are mostly triple size of what we would normally eat(chew).


Do not get me wrong I am not saying you should not juice or a make smoothie, but you need to be a conscious juicer, knowing exactly how much of each ingredient you are putting in and also their sugar content. 

Also that juices and smoothies should be a small part of your diet, like a morning juice with proper serving (ex. 1 orange, ½ pear, ¼ apple).

If I am making a smoothie/juice, or if I have a specific smoothie on a client’s menu plan, I know exactly how much of every ingredient has gone in there; also most of the time I use a smoothie as a treat or dessert for them, not as a meal.


So bottom line, if you are going to juice or make a smoothie bowl, please do it consciously, knowing exactly how much you are putting into your machine. 

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