Spirulina, a True Superfood Everyone Should Consume


For a while now a lot of people in the nutrition and wellness industry have been talking about the “superfood” Spirulina, and I am sure many of you have been seeing it pop-up on the IG of your favorite nutritional Instagramer.

Exactly what is Spirulina?

It is a bacterium called Cyanobacteria, more commonly known as Blue-Green Algae.  This little organism is mainly from the warmer climates of South Africa and South America, and it grows in both fresh and salt water.

The so amazing Aztecs knew of its nutritional powers back in the 14th century, and in our time it has been used by many feeding programs to aid malnourished children in certain parts of the world.  It became more mainstream/recognizable when NASA proposed it to be grown in space for astronauts use.

So what does this Blue-Green Algae have that makes it such a superfood?

Great source of protein

  • The protein in Spirulina, 4g/1tbs, is considered to be excellent, comparable to that of an egg (which most bodybuilders and athletes knows it’s ones of the best in terms of completeness of amino acids
  • Spirulina is roughly 50-70% protein by weight, and it contains all of the Essential Amino Acids, which makes it strong protein source for plant-based eaters.

Detoxes Heavy Metals

  • Heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum) over time accumulate in our body and can trigger many health conditions such as Thyroid problems, Heart disease, Dementia, and much more.
  • Spirulina as shown to decrease the amount of heavy metals in our body, particularly when taken with Zinc.

One of my favorites (and a future article topic): Spirulina Eliminates Candida

  • Candida is a gut fungus, which when out of balance (in excess) can lead to yeast infection.
  • Spirulina is an effective anti-microbial agent and it promotes healthy growth of intestinal Flora, thus inhibiting candida from growing and cause infections

Antioxidants/Vitamins/Minerals packed.

  • Besides having all the essential amino acids,
  • Spirulina has tremendous amount of Iron (which is amazing for people who are anemic or recent mamas)
  • It is also a great source of Calcium, Copper, Vit D, Vit E, Phosphorus, Vitamin B family (great for energy), and much more.

Immune Booster

  • Because of its high amounts of antioxidants and other micronutrients it is super strong for building your immune system against diseases and infections
  • It has been shown beneficial for Cancer and HIV/Aids patients


  •  I am a big supporter of all things Ant-Inflammatory, due to the fact that I have a hyper-sensitive IBS. 
  • Spirulina’s main component is Phycocyanin, which gives it the blue-green color, and it is this component that gives it the ability to eliminate Free Radicals and prevent Inflammations.

Reduces the LDL & Triglyceride levels and Increases HDL

Aids in Sinus Problems

  • Spirulina helps in reducing sinus inflammation from pollen, animal hair, wheat dust.


How you can incorporate it in your diet? 

There is the pill and powder, my Spirulina is in the powder format. 

You can add it to you yogurt, smoothie, oat meal, or any other of your favorites. 

I normally enjoy mine in my bowl of oatmeal either after a intense workout or a mid-afternoon pick me upper snack (because of all the vitamin Bs it has, it is great energy source

Bottom line: I highly recommend, if you already have not, to add this Blue-Green Algae into your diet for a healthier way of living




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