Sarrah Zadeh
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Holistic Approach


about me...

I am an Artist, Ayurvedic consultant, a perpetual beach-bum wanderer, and 97% plant-based (with 3% occasional goat dairy and desserts. I mean if I am going to have my occasional piece of cake, I rather not worry if it is vegan or not). 

 On a personal note, I have a very hypersensitive IBS, and my treatments are fully based on nutrition and exercise.  I am a strong believer in the concept that food is medicine, in food combining, and eating the right food for your body energy (Dosha) and lifestyle. Almost any type of illness/syndrome can be prevented and treated through proper nutrition and lifestyle.

I know that everyone is searching for "The Plan" to make them feel and look better, and everyday there is a new super-food, a new diet, a new magical supplement. Also more often than we should, we give priority to looking good, rather than feeling good and being healthy.

I do not believe in restrictions or diets, but in moderation, eating real food that is right for each individual, and hard work. I aim to educate people on how to make smart choices, how to prepare real food that taste and look amazing, and most importantly that changing one’s lifestyle is a slow process and everyone will have good and bad days, and that is okay. 

As a ISSA certified Nutritionist, and an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant, I have been consulting and training clients in discovering healthier lifestyle. I have worked with people wanting to lose/gain weight, emotional eaters, to people with autoimmune or other diseases.

What makes me happy is seeing people happy with themselves, and that usually starts with feeling and looking good.